Lowest Price Guarantee

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Lowest Price GuaranteeYou don't have to worry about booking now, only to find out we drop the price in a few months time. Because if we do, then we'll drop the price you pay too by the same amount. In fact, you'll benefit from any drop in price we make from the moment you book, until 90 days before your departure.

  1. Valid on all confirmed bookings made between June 1 and October 1, 2023 (extended) and which depart in 2024. 
  2. Applies to your boat price after applicable discounts have been applied as shown on your confirmation invoice. Other extras and add-ons are not included. 
  3. Only applies where the exact same boat, date, duration and route (i.e. start base and end base) is advertised or made available by Le Boat at a lower price than the price confirmed on your booking confirmation. The price must be judged as the total price, after discounts, and must be advertised in the same currency as you originally booked in. A higher % or other discount is not relevant if it does not result in a total boat price lower than your original booking. 
  4. Your claim must be submitted via the online form available at www.leboat.com/lowest-price-guarantee
  5. Claims can be made from the day your booking is confirmed until 90 days before departure provided that on the day you make the claim the better priced boat, per the above terms, remains available to be booked with Le Boat. The offer is only available to be claimed up to 90 days before your departure date. If the price decreases within 89 days of departure, you are not entitled to make a claim. 
  6. If your claim is validated by Le Boat, your booking will be updated with a discount equal to the difference in price. If you have already paid your balance in full, you will receive a refund for the price difference, via the same means as you paid, within 30 days of making your claim. 
  7. These terms are supplemental to our Booking Conditions found at https://www.leboat.com/about-us/legal/terms-and-conditions which continue to apply to your booking.


Claim back a price drop saving

If you see we've dropped a price on the same boat, destination, date and duration that you have booked, please complete the below form. If you're right, we can then apply the same saving to your booking too.