How to Rent a Boat with No License

Boating holidays on inland canals or rivers allow you to go on holiday with family or friends, far from the crowds, to enjoy the most beautiful regions of Canada and Europe.

How can you hire a boat without a licence?

louer un bateau sans permis

With Le Boat, hiring a private canal cruiser is very easy: if it is the first time, you will be fully trained upon arrival after which you will depart fully confident and safely on board. 

Our holiday planning experts are passionate about navigation and will help you prepare for each stage of your cruise. They have in-depth knowledge of each region of navigation and they will be able to answer all your questions before, during and after your cruise.

You can book over the phone directly with them, or book on our website, depending on the destination you prefer, the most suitable boat and the dates that suit you.

How old do you have to be to drive a boat without a licence?

Le Boat

Although Le Boat requires no previous boating experience or license to captain a cruiser, the person making the reservation must be over the age of 18 (over 21 in Ireland). The minimum is 2 adults on board or for larger boats over 12 meters like the Vision Fleet, in order to facilitate moorings and passage through locks, we recommend 3 adults on board. Please note, the number of passengers on board cannot exceed the maximum number of passengers allowed on the boat.

What do I need to hire a boat without a licence?

Le Boat

Once your reservation is made and in order to plan your holiday with the easiest departure, consider following these steps:

  • Take out personal travel insurance
  • Complete the Passengers Form
  • Add fun and convenient extras to your cruise
  • Pay your balance
  • Preplan your trip to your departure base
  • Watch our safety video
  • Participate in the call with base personnel and conduct the briefing online if available
  • Prepare your luggage
  • Make sure to comply with Safety Standards
  • Relax in order to fully enjoy your holiday!

What size engine can I hire without a licence?

Le Boat

Your Le Boat cruiser allows you to navigate the lakes, rivers and canals of the UK, France, Europe and Canada while you take in the wonderful scenery along the water. Your boat will be your home on the water and promises you a unique adventure especiall for a first cruising experience. You'll find you'll make unforgettable, life-long memories. 

The majority of Le Boat cruisers have engines between 30 and 100 horsepower, depending on the lengths (up to 15 meters - the maximum length allowed for a boat without a license). Navigating a Le Boat cruiser is easy - with simple, uncomplicated controls, and fully enclosed rubrails and bumpers. The top speed is only about 6 knots or 10 km / hour.

Le Boats are comfortable to live on. You can enjoy a long weekend getaway or an extended vacation of several weeks on board.

What boat types are available to hire without a licence?

Le Boat

Le Boat has been the leading provider in canal boat rentals thoughout Europe for over 50 years.  and offers the largest fleet of license-free boats in the world, with more than 40 different boat models.

The boats are classified into four categories:

  • Budget: Very popular with our customers for many years, the interior layout is more traditional and the functionality and accessories are basic.
  • Comfort: These boats are spacious and well equipped with everything you need for your river adventure
Le Boat
  • Comfort Plus: their spacious interiors boast a high quality, modern design, allowing you to "cruise in style". They include air cooling and heating systems, electric toilets and cushions on the deck already included. Most of our Comfort Plus boats also have a built-in barbecue on the upper deck.
  • Premium: the most recent in our fleet, Le Boat's Premier class boats are at the cutting-edge of technology and are equipped with modern equipment. Our Premium boats have a very spacious upper fundeck so you party can relax together outdoors in comfort. 

Renting a boat without a license is very easy with Le Boat: it's easy to take the helm with confidence, because our teams on the bases will show you everything you need to know before getting on board and going on a cruise! Our experience and expertise guarantee you exceptional service as well as useful advice and knowledge that will allow you to make your cruise an unforgettable memory!

Whatever licence-free boat you are looking for, you will find your perfect choice with Le Boat!

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