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The Renaissance Cruise

Nivernais, France

The Renaissance Cruise overview

You stop at Chitry-les-Mines, where silver was mined during the Renaissance, and you check out the ruins of fortified towers at Corbigny. It’s clear to you and your friends that a Nivernais Renaissance Cruise boat rent has transported you to times long past. The history of the region is everywhere in evidence along the Canal du Nivernais.

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We took it easy and slowly, cruising from Chatel-Censoir to Accolay and Vermenton, to Vincelottes and Auxerres and back to Vincelles, to Maily-la-Ville and then back to the basis in Chatel-Censoir. Wi
Fritz May
Clamecy, Tannay, Chatillion en Bazois, Pannecott, Baye, Cercy le Tour. Cathedrals, Notre Dames, Statues, with small towns dotting the beautiful countryside and farms.
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