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The Chablis Cruise

Nivernais, France

Reviews for the The Chablis Cruise

Exiting landscape, good wines and cremants in the caves of Baily
Nice small wilages, small trips with bicycle
Lovely boat , friendly staff ,great lock keepers.
Good value and very easy to book .
The boat was not very clean when we started our week's holiday. Also there was a leak above the bed in the forward cabin which drenched my wife in the middle of the night. Otherwise very enjoyable.
same reasons as for our experience
Base staff very friendly and extremely helpful. Boat was excellent and very well presented. Charging £7 for cushions although trifling, was very irritating.
Great boat, beautiful scenery but towns and villages a major disappointment.
After departure from Chatel-Censoir, we actually travelled in the opposite direction so as to lengthen the trip by heading to Clamecy, a nice historic town which also had much better food stores than Chatel-Censoir. Then we reversed direction toward Migennes. This canal provided great opprtunity to help the lock-keepers with opening and closing the gates and sluices which everyone enjoyed. Also enjoyable were the small towns we encountered on the trip. Memorable experiences also included: climbing the rocks at Merry-Sur-Yonne, visiting the city of Auxerre and the town of Joigny, and a visit to the Caves de Bailly.
Clamecy for good provisions shopping. Merry-Sur-Yonne to see the very small and peaceful town and climb the Rochers du Saussois cliffs. Visit the town of Vincelles and Vincelottes on market day for local fresh produce, etc. On the way to Auxerre, don't miss a visit to 'Caves de Bailly'. In Auxerre, a visit to Cathedral Saint-Etienne should't be missed. Joigny was a great place since it has many outdoor attractions, including cafes and music. Migennes had a great restaurant (Restaurant du Canal) right next to the canal which everyone enjoyed.