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The Burgundy Châteaux Cruise

Nivernais, France

Reviews for the The Burgundy Châteaux Cruise

We were caught with others in the most unusual floods in this area for sometime. The manager of the Migennes base was very helpful in trying to find us an alternative route that was not flooded out when our cruise had to be changed. All in all they did their best to make our time well and truly pleasant and to arrange whatever we wanted.
Le Boat staff were very helpful in helping us plan our trip and when we were on the boat came to our assistance immediately when asked. We would recommend this company and will use them again
As Above
The administrative part of Le Boat service, i.e. making the booking, taking payments and providing information, I would only rate as "good". In particular, although recognising that the floods in France must have created an administrative overload, until the last week we were assured everything would be ok, and then in the last week the direction of travel was changed and even in the last two days the route was changed, necessitating urgent changes to hotel bookings and travel plans. It was only after actually arriving at the Le Boat terminal in Migennes that we learned, that what we were being offered was a cruise on the Canal du Bourgogne, which was navigable, instead of the originally planned Canal de Nivernais, which was not navigable at that time. This was a great relief, and earlier advice of the change of canal and the circumstances would have avoided much anxiety. In the whole process of dealing with Le Boat by e-mail, I seemed to be dealing with a different person each time, and it seems to me that appointing one person who is responsible for all aspects of a clients matters ("single point of contact") would make client relations smoother for Le Boat. In contrast to the above, I can only describe the service provided by the staff at the base in Migennes as "excellent". They were friendly, very professional in providing all the necessary information about the cruise and the canal, as well as the boat, and overall they were very helpful.
Overall the canal is interesting, especially after some distance upstream from Migennes, i.e. from about Saint-Florentin upstream. However, one needs to be prepared to traverse many locks, and to have some people (such as teenage children), who can help in holding the boats with ropes in the locks, and help to work the lock gates. It is interesting, but also requires some physical effort.
Checkout was great. Would have appreciated being contacted to explain that the Nivernaise canal was closed. We enjoyed our trip. Wished we had the option to hire an additional umbrella for on the top deck.Our daughter last the top of her finger whilst on board and we had to race to the hospital urgently. The staff were aware of this and yet no one has contacted us or asked for feedback etc. The girl who checked us out, was aware of us visiting the hospital and yet never even asked how her finger was or even how it happened.She lost her finger on a bedroom door when someone accidentally closed it on her finger. Whilst this was an unforeseen accident, I follow up phone call or email would have been appropriate given the trauma we experienced whilst on holiday in a foreign country. I also believe a warning should be given to all customers as the doors are very dangerous for this sort of injury!She has since required surgery to tip the bone and graft skin back on the tip of her finger. This accident really did disrupt our holiday and made it difficult to enjoy France like we wished we could have!
The staff from the Sydney office were extremely helpful and provided us with all the information we required for our booking. During our trip arrangements had to be changed due to the weather conditions and the Sydney office kept us up-to-date.The staff at Le Boat in Mignennes, our starting point provided very clear information regarding our boat and the facilities along the canal. They were very friendly and spoke English very well, which was great as our French is appalling!
We had originally booked to travel from Migennes to Tannay, but due to extreme rainfall we had to change our route. We travelled from Mignennes - Mignennes and included Tonnere. We visited some lovely towns, but I think the Mignennes to Tonnere may have been more picturesque. This is not a fault of Le Boat at all, just an observation. No-one can control the weather.