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The Nevers and Sancerre Cruise

Loire Valley, France

Return trip: Decize, via Sancerre

Allow 7 to 14 nights

Discover the Canal Latéral à la Loire which lazily winds through the charming Loire Valley, past lush green landscapes, pretty French villages and leads you to the world-famous vineyards of Sancerre.

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The Nevers & Sancerre Cruise overview

Follow the Canal Latéral Loire from Decize to Sancerre. After stopping in the charming Roman city of Nevers and its famous Palais Ducal, cruise onwards past historic and picturesque villages and end up in the world famous vineyards of Sancerre. A grand, medieval hill town, Sancerre throngs with cafe's bistros and, of course, many wine-cellars to taste wine in. Cheers!

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