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The Cognac Cruise

Charente, France

Reviews for the The Cognac Cruise

Majestic, sublime and surreal. Pinching oneself to validate your experience is real all day long. Quite simply the best vacation I have ever had. Every activity from dawn till dusk and beyond brings excitement, adventure and awe.
Dinners on the boat.
All of the small towns were excellent.
Comfortable boat, easy access to shops at all points, friendly boaters willing to help wherever we went and good fishing in the Charente
Ate at restaurants or barbecued on board; enjoyed good wines, including some direct from the vintner; took cycle rides on easy pathways; understood more of the cognac production process and fished or read books for relaxation
Watching the Jousting Boats at Cognac. Peacefull moorings
beautiful scenery, quiet River between interesting towns ie Cognac & Saintes
We chose this year to travel upstream from Jarnac (having cruised to Cognac 3 years previously). The weather was fantastic and the scenery along the river was superior to that found on a canal. On stopping the boat at a natural mooring along a secluded section of the river we found ourselves compelled to drop into the clear cool water for a late afternoon swim before cooking an evening meal using a barbecue on the riverbank.
A visit to Cognac is a must, especially to see the huge warehouses of brandy ageing (breathing the "Angels' share" is enough to keep you happy for the rest of the day). On this last cruise, however, we chose to get away from it all and cruised upstream initially. The scenery and seclusion were a rare treat.