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The Arts and History Cruise

Charente, France

Reviews for the The Arts and History Cruise

The service was impeccable from all the base staff we came in contact with on arrival and departure. Please pass on my thanks to them.
Extremely satisfied.Previous reviewers suggested the boats were tired. We were very impressed with the way our boat has been maintained.
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The Le Boat team
Dear Brian,Thank you for sharing your feedback, it is much appreciated. We are delighted you enjoyed your holiday with us and were satisfied with the customer service you received. Your comments have been forwarded to the base team at Jarnac. We look forward to welcoming you on board with us again soon!Best wishes,The Le Boat team
Great company - good product and service. Maggee Private (? spelling) was unbelievably helpful in narrowing down the possibilities for our trip. Since we had taken several prior trips, it was good to have someone who knew the area to bounce ideas / prefererences off of. And yes, we would (and do) recommend your company to others.
Excellent staff in Jarnac - probably the most helpful and friendly of all the trips we've been on (this was our 4th in about 6 years). Each and every person went above and beyond to help us.
Comment from 
The Le Boat Team
Marianne, thank you for taking the time to leave feedback. We appreciate your kind words about Maggie and look forward to seeing you again!
The peace and quiet of the river. Birdlife esp Dippers Heron and Kingfishers. Also enjoyed fishing. Cycling up to St Simon for coffee. Not being under any time pressure.
Went out to angouleme and back. took it easy. enjoyed quiet stops at Graves, Chateauneaf, St Surial.
Charente is a very peaceful and lovely river. You can really relax there, slow down and enjoy quiet life on the water. Significant number of manual locks but they are easy to deal with and could be part of the fun. Add to that all the quiet and ,as well, lovely towns standing there for at least 1000 years or more where you can walk the streets, eat great food, sample wines.. ahh well, its all coming back to me now, it was a great time which both me and my wife enjoyed very much. Sort of a luxury countryside with history thrown in for a good measure.
While cruising you can enjoy a peaceful nature, river flowing through the woods and fields and small towns with some private chateaus thrown in now and there. Water is clean and good for fishing (if this is your thing). Cities of Cognac and Saintes are very nice too with a good restaurants and eateries. In many places you can just moor under the trees and have a lunch or dinner at sunset and enjoy the peace and nature around. Some places are good for bicycling in between the fields of grapevines or to the nearby village to get fresh bread, wine or some other food. The best portion is there is no hurry to see or do anything - any place is good by itself so just enjoy what you got and don't worry.
Excellent cruise. Unfortunately, pre-cruise training consisted of a 5 to 10 minute walk through the boat by the mechanic whose English was minimal at best. Not covered were several things in the manual like using the generator to prower the air conditioner. Fortunately, we had handled small boats and had studies the videos on the locks. No hands on training was ever offered.