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West of France

Find yourself spellbound on the shimmering Charente River

A river of incredibly clear water lined with pines, vineyards and meadows, the Charente is among the prettiest waterways for canal boat vacations in France! Long known for its cognac, gracious châteaux and friendly people, the valley opens its arms to you, inviting you to savor a leisurely journey on a river that looks as beautiful as it did many centuries ago.
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Great for... 
  • Cognac distilleries
  • Michelin-starred restaurants
  • Roman ruins
  • Peaceful countryside
  • Historic towns and pretty villages

Region highlights about Charente

Top 10 secret gems Charente

  1. Cognac’s Château de Cognac;
  2. St. Savinien’s wine festival;
  3. Archaeology Museum in Saintes;
  4. St. Simon’s Maison des Gabariers;
  5. Trois-Palis chocolates;
  6. St. Pierre Cathedral in Angoulême;
  7. Rochefort’s maritime museum;
  8. Crazanne’s château;
  9. Chanier’s water mill;
  10. Jarnac’s cognac tour.

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