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The Golden Midi Cruise

Canal du Midi, France

Reviews for the The Golden Midi Cruise

Everyone, from planning, sales, operations and overall service were outstanding.
We chartered a Magnifique canal boat for three weeks from Castelnaudary to Beaucaire and the trip was incredible. Weather was prefect and the Canal Du Midi and Carmargue were so beautiful we all (crew of 7) found the entire trip fabulous. We visited five fantastic vineyard each with great wine along the way and so many wonderful museums, etc. During the entire trip each day was special, eating mussels and oysters in Marseillan or visiting Roman ruins in Narbonne. We tied stern up right in front of the tower at Aigues-Mortes and spent an entire day visiting the walled city. We spend a weekend in Pavalas-les-Flots during their Autumn festival and ran with the bulls on the beach, watched the water jousting and the white horses run through town. What more can I say except it truly was Magnifique!! We are now planning another Le Boat trip for next year.Steve
Le Boat did an incredible job and each base was very helpful/
Fue un viaje en familia donde todos la pasamos felices. Al ser la primera vez que viajamos en un canal no se disfruto tanto como si uno tuviera previa la experiencia de un viaje de esa naturaleza. Pero la experiencia fue inigualable.
Un viaje que hicimos en 7 días por ser la primera vez. La próxima vez haría en el mismo tiempo y recorrido más pequeño para poder maximizar el tiempo conociendo lugares en el canal.
Very helpful and communication was easy.
Great way to have a relaxing break- a slow cruise down a beautiful part of France. Two weeks on board a Vision 3 with just about everything we needed provided. The people from Le Boat were easy to deal with and our boat extra comfortable. Perhaps some more information on some of the 'tight' spots our craft needed to pass through would have been worthwhile but as an overall experience was great.
The many people we found ourselves in contact with did their very best to be helpful - and what matters is that we greatly enjoyed our cruise. But we couldn't help feeling that the people we met were part of various different responsibilities within Le Boat's organisation that often simply didn't gel. Those in the briefing team at Castelnaudary told us that they would pass our 'paperwork' onto the engineers who would familiarise us with the workings of the boat - but their rep. didn't turn up when we were told to expect him. He was most apologetic but valuable time was wasted by a lack of communication. We phoned ahead to Homps depot to report that we were managing but that our thrusters were not working. Reception at Homps helpfully that an engineer would find us as soon as the office opened the following morning - but by almost 10.00 no one had turned up. There was a different receptionist in the office from the one we had spoken to the day before on the phone. She assured us that she had seen our 'paperwork' and passed it to the engineers. But she was unaware that nothing had happened as a result. When we eventually found the technical manager there he, again, was courteous to a fault, but he hadn't seen the 'paperwork' and didn't know anything was amiss. He couldn't really help because we didn't have time in our cruise to 'take the boat out of the water' but he assured me that the thruster fault would be reported to Port Cassafiere - our destination - so the problem could be logged for future attention. It might be interesting for Le Boat to investigate whether Calypso 6's thrusters have yet been examined. Our impression was that the Le Boat team is full of enthusiastic people very willing to be helpful but as responsibilities are passed via the 'paperwork' between departments there is insufficient follow up to check that appropriate action has been taken - and precious cruising time was lost. Can we add a big thank you to Humphrey Preston for his considerable and patient help throughout the booking process - and for his ensuring that we received a rebate on the BBQ that he suggested we included in our package but decided against when we saw how much room on deck it would take up.
We had 4 adults and 3 children on board. We were not experienced cruisers but all thoroughly enjoyed the excitement of managing a motor cruiser on a most delightful and historic stretch of water. A very special family holiday.