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South of France

Relax amidst the natural splendor of sun-bathed Camargue

Broad saltwater lagoons, golden beaches, expanses of tawny reeds teeming with pink flamingos — Camargue, France, basks in sunshine most of the time. Romans plied these waters, and Crusaders followed. You can imagine the past as you approach fortress seaport cities like Aigues-Mortes, but beach resorts with zingy nightlife bring you frolicking back to the modern age!
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Great for... 
  • Beaches and sunbathing
  • Horse-riding
  • Traditional festivals
  • Wildlife & bird watching
  • Seafood at little fishing villages

Reviews for Camargue cruises

Fantastic...start to finish
Fantastic experienece...start to finish and loved the Horizon boat
Comment from 
The Le Boat team
Dear Miss Brown,Many thanks for your feedback. We are very pleased you enjoyed your holiday with us and we hope to welcome you on board with Le Boat again soon!Best wishes,The Le Boat team
Departure port
We thoroughly enjoyed our 10 days from Port Cassafieres to St Gilles. We took our time but found we had time to spare toward the end of our cruise and went on to Beaucaire before returning the boat to St Gilles. Personally, we found the facilities at Beaucaire the nicest of all and the town much nicer than St Gilles which seemed a bit grubby and seedy and we couldn't even find a restaurant or cafe open on a Monday night! We made a point of stopping at each town along the way apart from Sete where we got totally lost so bypassed the town completely and tied up just out of town along the Canal de Rhone. We were troubled by mosquitoes for the next two nights - to be expected along the marshes but we saw lots of flamingo and horses. Our experience with the locks was easier than we though which was a relief. A word of advice - a spare cabin for luggage is a very good idea. We were two couples and on the advice of friends who had done Canal de Midi opted for 3 cabins. The cabins are very small and I don't know where you could store luggage apart from the living area if all cabins are occupied. Thoroughly recommended.
great holiday, despite the very strong winds which delayed crossing the Etang de Thau. Watching the boat jousting in Agde and Palavas, the amazing and plentiful wildlife, enjoying the historic towns especially Aigue Morte this holiday had lots in it for great memories.
Wildlife, particuarly birds are great, cruising with Kingfishers, and watching large Herons, Flamingos and Egrets fishing and eating as you pass. Aigue Morte is a delightful town well worth a couple of nights.
This was a very easy and enjoyable cruise without any locks. The wildlife in the Camargue was superb with the wild horses feeding by the canal . Our stop at Agues Mortes was memorable as was Palavas on the Med.