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East of France

Pamper your palate in the heart of magnificent Burgundy

Famous Burgundy well deserves its reputation for fine wines and gourmet cuisine. Lush vineyards hug rolling hills, and quiet villages invite you to linger. Amidst a network of canals flows the majestic Saône River, the focal point of your Burgundy boat rent in France! This beautiful river ushers you into a world of pleasures, a realm that pleases the senses and soothes the soul.
based on 29 reviews
Great for... 
  • Fine Burgundy wines & cuisine
  • Fishing and picnics
  • Quaint medieval villages
  • Colored roof tiles & architecture
  • Walking and nature lovers

Reviews for Burgundy cruises

We had a fantastic week cruising on the Saone. The boat was very comfortable for three couples, particularly as the fourth bedroom was used to store our suitcases. The docking was difficult but we had help from some of the marina workers. Everyone had a good time.
We three couples had a wonderful cruise on the Saone.
We had a great time. The cruising was great with great villages along the way.
great location with great scenery
One of the best holidays we have ever had!
Great staff, lovely base.
The experience was fantastic. The boat was comfortable and easy to handle. The entire trip was an incredible experience. We loved every minute of it.
The price was right and we felt we got plenty of bangs for our bucks.
Brilliant service, easy check in, simple tuition. We were novices and found it couldn't have been easier. Loved the peace and quiet of the rivers. Our teenage children loved it to. Didn't buy the wi-fi package and it meant we quality spent time as a family. The boat was easy to use, the kids did it no problem. The only thing I'd do next time is get a bigger boat. We had four of us on a 6 berth, but I'd go larger next time to give us more space.
Such a good holiday. Would do it again.