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The Medieval Markets Cruise

Burgundy, France

Reviews for the The Medieval Markets Cruise

Wonderful family time and beautiful scenery.
We hired bicycles and stopped at small towns, got onto our bicycles, drove into town, bought pastries or baguettes at the local patisserie and looked for a nice spot to have a picnic. We would recommend going on the canal going to Dole also. Dole is a beautiful town and we really would have missed out on not doing this. We went up to Gray, came back and went on the canal going to Dole. Slept the last night at St Jean-de-Losne. This is convenient as one has to return the boat quite early on the last day. All in all a wonderful experience. Now the Canal du midi is on my bucket list!! :)
We road our bikes to Chagny and took the train to Beaune. Both nice trips. Loved the Wine University in Beaune. We loved Tournus. More should be written about this town.
Tournus, great town. Road our bikes to Chagny. Great bike trip along the canal.
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LeBoat Customer Service
Dear Jimmy, it's right that due to operationnal constraints you haven't been able to cruise on our new luxurious boat and we apologize for this. However thanks to our large fleet, we always try to find the best alternative we can to ensure our customers enjoy a great holiday experience.
We were looking for a relaxing week cruising the river and sitting about. We cruised steadily from marina to marina, but did "wild camp" for one night. Automatic lock system meant that the "crew" were happier than on the english canals!
We decided that travelling long distances what not necessary - we just wanted to stop in a different place each night. Steady cruise to lunch stop then steady cruise to marina for night stop. We used bikes to get about in the localities and do the shopping. This meant that we could use the showers in the marina and the children could use the WiFi!
The new boat Horizon made the handling of locks much easer for two people.
This is not the best route because we were always on a river. There were many interesting towns that we visited.. If you have never been on a trip before I would suggest one that is totally on a canal
3 couples on board, 4 of us were boaters, two had done french canals before. Expected relaxation, nice countryside and good food.
all a bit of a pleasant blur really. Stopped at lots of small towns and villages, plus Chalon-sur Saone. Ended up in marinas each night as stopping alongside river bank was difficult ( barge wash plus shallows). There-and-back cruise format was good- on te way back we stopped off either at places we missed on the way, or places we really liked first time. The locks 9only 4 of them) were all a doddle- automatic, big, well controlled water flow.