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The Great River Saône Long Break

Burgundy, France

Oneway: Fontenoy-le-Château to Branges

Allow 10 to 14 nights

Enjoy the very best of the Burgundy, from the fine wines and tasty local specilaities to the marvelous landscapes and charming medieval villages.

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Reviews for the The Great River Saône Long Break

Overall I would rate their service as excellent. However, we had one issue that could have been handled better. We were supposed to pick up our boat at Fontenoy one Chateau. We showed up their to pick up our boat and no one there spoke English-and they had no boat for us. We were directed to pick up the boat in Gray, which we did. Fortunately we had a rental car so we were able to go there. If we had been dropped off by taxi it would have been a problem. Clearly LeBoat had our reservation and new they had adjusted our pick up location. A phone call or email prior to our pick up date would have been very much appreciated and would have eliminated us driving to the wrong pick up location. Other than that their service was great!
See above comments! We had a great experience except for the change in pick up locations without letting us know in advance. Due to weather conditions themprior week our boat never made it past Gray. Fortunately we had a rental car and were able to drive to Gray. However, an email or phone call prior to our pick up date would have been appreciated. Other than that-it was a great experience!
They were great on the big stuff but not so hot on the details. Left out small details like how to specifically light the stove which we needed later. Gave us a small amount of matches in a wet spring in an inadequate box, by the time the stores open later we were desparate for a lighter.
As Above
Although we had to be rerouted due to canal/lock closure, Le Boat and their staff were very accommodating and nice, from the base personnel in Boofzheim to Fontenoy and St Jeane de Losne as well as Maggie, our sales person in Miami. Although we were disappointed in having to be rerouted and downgraded to a one star boat, it was not the fault of Le Boat and we were very pleased with the service!
Not as exciting a route as we anticipated the Alsace region was going to be