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The Dukes of Brittany Cruise

Brittany, France

Reviews for the The Dukes of Brittany Cruise

The U.S. ground team was helpful and accommodating. The team onsite was charming and professional. We felt very well taken care of and thoroughly enjoyed our entire time in France. The boat may not be made with the finest wood and finishes, but it has everything you need to be comfortable and content.
Relaxing, quit and very nice landscapes.
Changing landscapes, much green, nice villages.
When I saw the boat we had reserved, I was a little apprehensive because of its size but my son had no problem with it at all. We loved it. My family said they had the most relaxing vacation of their life. We loved motoring along the canal and stiopping at our leisure to explore what ever took our fancy. Absolutely the best way to travel
We stopped at one place, Port de Roche. that was little more than a dock for one boat. We walked up the path and found a restaurant, Upon entering we saw a pool table and bar but the owner said he could provide dinner. We then went into a dining room behind the bar and had the best meal in our whole trip to France, including Paris, for less than 80 euros for 5 adults. This place was so good I hope everyone who makes this trip will stop there.
A great trip on the rivers and canals of Brittany.
All was good