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North West of France

Revel in balmy Brittany

A Celtic land laced in canalized rivers studded with towering castles seemingly at every turn, a Brittany boat rent in France ushers you into an especially unique French locale. You’re not far from the North Atlantic coast, so seafood at cafés is in order! You can also venture to Nantes and Rennes for the museums, historic sites, fine restaurants and lively nightclubs.
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Great for... 
  • Castels and chateaux
  • Celtic lifestyle & traditions
  • Pretty canals & cobbled streets
  • Parks & forest for family walk and picnics
  • Famous crêpes and cider

Region highlights about Brittany

Top 10 secret gems of Brittany

  1. La Roche-Bernard’s maritime museum;
  2. Blain’s amazing castle;
  3. Guenroüet leisure centre;
  4. Yves Rocher Botanical Garden at La Gacilly’s;
  5. Church of St. Gilles in Malestroit;
  6. Dinan’s Castle-Museum;
  7. scenic Lehon;
  8. Josselin’s Castel & doll museum;
  9. Nantes’s giant elephant;
  10. Blain’s mediaeval festival.

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