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The Delicacies of Aquitaine Cruise

Aquitaine, France

Oneway: Le Mas d'Agenais to Castelsarrasin, via Montauban

Allow 7 to 14 nights

Following the Canal Latéral à la Garonne, you'll immerge yourself in the Aquitaine way of life, between historic monuments and tasty gastronomy.

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Reviews for the The Delicacies of Aquitaine Cruise

excellent customer service from everyone
Fantastic trip and experience
fantastic trip and experience
The service we received was excellent. When we collected the boat there was oil pouring from the steering column. We hadn't got very far so went back to the boatyard where immediately someone came and sorted it for us. The service beforehand from the office staff was first class and I would not hesitate in recommending Le Boat to my friends. This was our second holiday with yourselves and will certainly not be our last.
Excellent. A very peaceful and tranquil canal.
We've toured the Burgundy, Camarque, Loire and recently Aquitaine on both the Royal Mystique and Vision 3 and personally would not rent with any other company. However, based on these experiences, there is room for improvements as I see a slight decline in quality of boats and furnishings. We never did a trip without requiring Le Boat to help with either mechanical or electrical issues along the cruises but their response time is 2nd to none. We just returned from Aquitaine this month and here's our personal experience:-Early departure arrival not respected. Arrived at Mas d'Agenais based @ 11:20 to find customers still on boat with cleaning staff on stand-by. This delayed our departure time and compromised boat prep. The base manager was apologetic but didn’t do anything about it. As a matter of fact when I explained that we paid 125 euros for this option to board early and the departing customers did not pay for late departure, she asked me “What do you want me to do”. Of course our suggestion was for her as base manager to have advised them at 09:00 that they had a ½ hour to vacate the boat as at 09:30 the cleaning crew/mechanics would be boarding. Instead she did nothing.-Le Boat mechanic at Mas d’Agenais was very arrogant when providing briefing for on-board boat operation. When the 2 women on board requested more defined details as he only spoke French which was fine since my husband did but we needed translation to fully understand the instructions, he smirked. Past experience has proven that the more people on board who participate in the operational briefing, the more likely it will be absorbed between those on board which avoids confusion and calling the base for help. He found this amusing for some reason to the point of making jokes with his colleagues in front of us at our expense. We did not appreciate attitude and I must say it's a first with Le Boat crew. This was confirmed by other crew mech. who apologized on his behalf.-Fan in bow cabin burnt out and tripped fuse-Fans in stern cabin & dining room both fell off – needed repair by mechanic-Toilet seat in stern cabin washroom fell off – needed adjustment by mechanic-Shower head in stern cabin washroom sprayed in every direction because of clogged holes and caused water to fill up in toilet area of ensuite. With no drain in this area, water accumulated every time we took a shower. Nothing like stepping in a pool of water to go to the bathroom. Mechanic checked and provided extra towels to soak it up as solution -Stove in kitchen – only large burner worked with ignition – other 2 needed a match as ignition didn’t work.-No power outlets in the stern cabin or ensuite whatsoever - closest was kitchen near dining room.-Air Condition in stern cabin didn’t work due to filter blockage (reeds) but once cleaned by mechanic in Castelsarrasin the problem was more complicated – compressor appeared to have no Freon. We had to stay in the dining room makeshift bed that night as it was 37.7C in our cabin.-Missing items on board required and previously provided on our trips with Le Boat such as a mop, only 4 wine glasses (1 of which was cracked), only 4 small juice glasses, one oven mitt, only one very large fry pan, no tea pot, colanderA FEW SUGGESTIONS for ROYAL MYSTIQUE 4 2 :As you can see from above list, many of these issues could have been avoided had the Le Boat staff had time to prep the boat properly within a reasonable time-frame. Since the customers prior to us did not respect the 09:00 vacate policy and choose to stay late without paying for late departure, it impacted our prep time and early departure which we DID pay for. Le boat needs to step up to ensure boat transfer is respected and the crew for cleaning and mechanical tuning is complete. This is not acceptable especially for a 5-anchor rental price. •Thermo cooler on the top deck to be replaced with a proper fridge.•In the forward shower - mount the door so it opens inwards toward the cabin and not the dining area.•Mattresses too firm and uncomfortable •Screens need to be installed on windows. It’s wasteful to use AC (on boats that have that option) when opening the windows at night would suffice. Misquotes are unbearable at night•Shower curtain to be installed in stern shower stall – simple solution to avoid flooding in the toilet/sink portion of the ensuite.Question: When will the practice of emptying bilge sewage directly into the canal be addressed? This is environmentally unacceptable.In summary, this is the first of 4 trips whereby the overall mechanical operations of our boat were functional with exception to AC which didn’t work in stern cabin. This Royal Mystique was super and perfect for two couples, was easy to navigate and very spacious inside.
The cruise area was very picturesque and the villages we visited along the way had much to offer. We did the River Baise which was a bonus however going through 50 locks upriver was work. I would recommend this trip for those who don't mind going through so many locks. It is time consuming and you have time deadlines. Restaurants were amazingly good especially for this vegetarian.
The Team at Le Boat were helpful and replied to our concerns quickly and professionally.
The Garonne Canal is not busy which is a plus but like many of the canals the water is very dirty. There is not much to see on this canal and there are not many villages right on the canal.