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The Arts & Armagnac Long Break

Aquitaine, France

Oneway: Le Mas d'Agenais to Castelsarasin, via Condom

Allow 10 to 14 nights

No one hurries in Aquitaine, a place where the spirit rejuvenates amidst natural beauty, local food & wine, pretty villages & historic towns.

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Reviews for the The Arts & Armagnac Long Break

The Le Boat company was excellent to deal with. Correspondence was promptly answered and staff at the two bases were excellent. We did have a minor issue with no taxi being present to pick us up from the train station to our arrival base after having planned this in advance. When the base was contacted a staff person personally picked up luggage and some of our party.
Excellent choice of cruise.
A slow start with the AC not working on the journey so we lost some time. Le Boat gave us a discount at the end of it to make up for it. The person at Castlesarrasin was great
The boat was fantastic - the weather was fantastic - we'll never forget the crop irrigation system that was over the river that cooled us down!
The Baise River was lovely and Nerac very pretty I would avoid canals and stick to rivers
The boat provided was supposed to be new, it was obviously old, the deck leaked onto the bed in one of the cabins. Lebo at knew it had a leak and rented it to us anyway. They did not fix it and rented it the next week anyway.
The base personnel were helpful and knowledgeable
Great service, most helpful staff
Good value and a great boat