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North East of France

Let alluring Alsace seduce you

Boating vacations in Alsace indulge the senses with all manner of experiences — rural, urban and everything in between. Two beautiful canals lead to vibrant cities in France and Germany, and along the way you get to enjoy lake resorts, village cafés, towering castles and some of the finest cuisine in France! Enjoy a deliciously unique blend of cultures you’ll find nowhere else!
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Great for... 
  • European city seightseeing
  • Arzviller boat lift experience
  • Hiking, nature-lovers
  • Local Wines & Beers
  • Rich alsatian gastronomy

Region highlights about Alsace-Lorraine

Top 10 secret gems of Alsace-Lorraine-Saarland

  1. Saarbrücken’s regional history museum;
  2. Gondrexange watersports;
  3. Taverne Katz in Saverne;
  4. Le Poney Ranch in Boofzheim;
  5. Hartzviller’s crystal;
  6. Harskirchen’s windmill;
  7. Saarbrücken castle;
  8. Saverne’s Rohan Palace;
  9. Strasbourg’s Cathedral Notre Dame;
  10. Strasbourg’s Grandes Arcades

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