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The Heart of England Cruise

The Thames, England

Reviews for the The Heart of England Cruise

Enjoyed the upgrade of the boat at the last minute. The scenery & Pubs along the way were great
Loved the weekend and the trip. Booking, check in and check out all very easy. Boat was a bit dated, and didn't like reverse!
Wonderful weather, great boat, Benson to Chertsey. Memorable experiences include, Swan Upping at Cookham, A visit to Runnymede, Lovely meals in many hostelries along the Thames, great experience.
I would recommend to others especially The Greyhound Pub at Eton Wick who especially encourage boaters from the Thames. The walk is 1 and half miles from Boveney Lock to the pub but worth it. The meal was normal pub food but plenty of it served by a genial host and his wife, the food was very inexpensive.
We had a wonderful vacation with LeBoat. Being on board a very comfortable Vision 4 with a family, during the warmest week of the year, enjoying the views of rolling fields with animals grazing on them, and cozy pretty houses along the river, meeting the nicest people along the way, exploring the local restaurants, getting to know England from a small town perspective was amazing.
The Town of Henley during he regatta and post it was a great stop for us. Hiring a taxi cab to take us to Highclere castle (Downton Abbey tv series) from Henley.The drive of about 40 min and completely worth the visit. Get there by 2 pm and you will not have a problem getting in. Mooring in downtown Windsor and having a spectacular view of the Castle, day and night.
Correspondence and arrangements at the Aus end were handled promptly.
The location of the trip trip itself was perfect for what we wanted.The boat was an ideal size for what we needed. Staff at the the base were helpful and very easy to deal with. The boat although clean was shabby and very second rate. The varnish timber work was about ten years overdue for being redone and your initial impression was a one star motel. Externally the hull was in very poor appearance and I don't think this was due to it being the last trip of the season. The windscreen wiper in front of the skipper worked when it felt like it the centre one did not work at all. Batteries were all but dead we kept our perishables on deck as the fridge didn't work. Gas stove and this is a critical safety issue in my book the grill for cooking your toast would only work if you held the gas button in, very dubious. Bearing in mind it was the last charter for the season the heater only worked intermittently as there was insufficient battery power to run it. Having been around boats all my life I am very conscious of power conservation etc but this whole deal was far from satisfactory. A nice little extra would have been an electric toilet flush ( something that pleases the women guests) but with such poor power it would never flush.