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The Thames

Boat Rental on the Thames, England

Boating on the Thames, you discover historical cities and untouched countryside.

Boating vacations on the Thames are a pleasant way to travel through South East England, a region soaked in history and luscious nature. As you gaze at magnificent Windsor Castle, Hampton Court Palace or the Bridge of Sighs in Oxford, you feel transported back in time. The river meanders through large towns and cities with shops, pubs and museums. You’ll also stop in small villages where the pace is slow and the living is easy!
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Great for... 
  • Royal castles & palaces
  • Historical cities
  • Typical English countryside & villages
  • Waterside pubs
  • Walking & bird-watching

Region highlights about The Thames

Top 10 secret gems of the Thames River

Eton’s Waterman’s Arms; kitchen tours at Windsor; Henley-on-Thames Rowing Museum: Marlow’s Higginson maze; golf at Wallingford; Hampton Court at Kingston-upon-Thames; Oxford’s Carfax Tower; Reading’s biscuit gallery; Maidenhead’s bridge; Ascot’s horse racing.

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The Thames