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Taste the sweetness of bountiful Flanders

Known for its wonderful chocolates and gourmet cuisine, the Flanders region of coastal Belgium is rich in culture and natural beauty — windmills, meadows, marshes, sandy beaches and bustling cities replete with Gothic architectural grandeur. Evidence of the past is everywhere on canal boat vacations in Flanders whilst you encounter one looming castle after another!
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Great for... 
  • Gothic architecture
  • Cathedrals & churches
  • Museums & art galleries
  • Horse-drawn carriage tours
  • World War memorials
  • Tasty Chocolates & Beers

Reviews for Belgium cruises

Well equipped, comfortable boat that was easy to sail, great staff that was organized and knowledgeable, awesome itineraries.
Staff was friendly, efficient and organized. All materials were well laid out. Port had supplies to get started.
Great experience from beginning to end. Great staff, great boat, great cruise
Head Office was not familiar enough with the details of the Belgian waterways & it was not until quite close to the start of the holiday that I managed to obtain the information I required for the proper planning of the holiday. On arrival at the base, all the staff were exceptionally helpful & knowlegeable - so much so that the details of possible routes took far too long when we were anxious to get on our way to the night's destination after a very early start from home. Otherwise an extremely enjoyable trip. The plethora of information online referred to on booking was confusing, repetitive & too general.
Have already said above that the base staff were very knowledgeable & helpful but we were asked to come early and still took nearly 3 hours to get underway.Re the cruise above - can't see on the list what we actually accomplished which was: Nieuwpoort- Diksmuide-Nieuwpoort-Brugge-Gent-Oudenaarde-Kortrijk-Deinze-Gent-Brugge-Nieuwpoort.
Boating is always fun and the weather was perfect. Being able to visit Bruges, Ghent and Ypres from the water was great and made a nice change.
The moorings in Bruges are very good and were perhaps the best part of the holiday.
We did the Belgium Capital Cruise. Some highlights include our first lock. The first night when we slept on the side of the canal. We loved going by barges, small towns, big cities, and more. The arrival into Ghent was amazing.
Give yourself permission to skip museums. We didn't go to a single one. We just cruised and ate and it was wonderful. It was a whole different perspective than usual. If I was a regular tourist seeing us from afar, I would have been so envious.