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The Turrets and Tapestry Long Break


Return Trip: Nieuwpoort, via Brugge, Gent, Kortrijk & Oudenaarde

Allow 14 nights

Savour fine chocolate and cuisine, go swimming at the beach, and explore the richly satisfying cities of Belgium.

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Reviews for the The Turrets and Tapestry Long Break

Head Office was not familiar enough with the details of the Belgian waterways & it was not until quite close to the start of the holiday that I managed to obtain the information I required for the proper planning of the holiday. On arrival at the base, all the staff were exceptionally helpful & knowlegeable - so much so that the details of possible routes took far too long when we were anxious to get on our way to the night's destination after a very early start from home. Otherwise an extremely enjoyable trip. The plethora of information online referred to on booking was confusing, repetitive & too general.
Have already said above that the base staff were very knowledgeable & helpful but we were asked to come early and still took nearly 3 hours to get underway.Re the cruise above - can't see on the list what we actually accomplished which was: Nieuwpoort- Diksmuide-Nieuwpoort-Brugge-Gent-Oudenaarde-Kortrijk-Deinze-Gent-Brugge-Nieuwpoort.