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If you have some questions about Boating Vacations or need Boating Vacation help - look no further - check out our boating frequently asked questions.

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Locks & Moorings

  • Where to moor & how much does it cost ?

    In some area you could moor in the nature thanks to the roles and spikes provided.

    If you want more comfort , you could also moor on private marinas. Berthing fees , often include services like electricity & water and vary from location to locatio (few euros)n, if you stop at a LeBoat base along the way, then there is no charge.

  • Do we have to operate the locks? If so, is it easy ?

    Depending on the region you are in, locks may be manually operated, manned by a lock keeper, electrically operated or automatic, but whatever the system, the maneuvers are always much the same.

    Passing through a lock will often be a highlight of your cruise! Once you have navigated one lock you will find out just how simple it is.

  • Are any areas lock free ?

    If you are looking for lock-free cruising head down to the Camargue in the South of France! Many other cruising regions have few locks, so speak to someone in our friendly sales team and they will be pleased to help you.

    We have also ranged our cruises by pace level". The "Easy cruises" only few locks and bridges to go through and relatively few cruising hours per day.

Activities & Extras

  • Can I swim in any of the regions ?

    Swimming is possible in many of the rivers, lakes and lagoons, but always check at the base if it is safe to do so. We don't recommend swimming in the canals, but there are many great open-air swimming pools near to our cruising routes if you fancy a dip. You could also head for the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean or near our base at Nieuwpoort in Belgium.

  • Can I bring my own BBQ ?

    No, the law is strict an only fitted BBQ could be used on a boat. You could rent one of our fitted BBQ in extras on most of our models. Some models of our range have plancha equipement. Check the specifics of your boat for full details.

  • Is it possible to hire bikes ? How do you lock them ?

    Yes, we have a brand new range of lightweight, 24-gear cross country bikes, minibikes for gentle excursions, children's bikes, trailer bikes and children's bike seats. Helmets can also be purchased from the base. We recommend you take at least two bikes per boat and it is advisable to reserve them in advance.

    All bikes are provided with a lock. Depending on the model, you could lock them on the sundeck, on the front or on the back of your boat. For security & comfort reasson, we recommend you to always lock the bike while cruising and to not over-fill your boats with too many bikes.

  • Is fishing allowed ?

    Fishing enthusiasts will have the time of their lives on the rivers so bring your rods and don't forget your fishing licence! Licences can be purchased from local shops for the duration of your cruise. Click here fore more information on our fishing page.

What is included ?

  • What is included in the price ? What is not ?

    The price includes the hiring of the boat and its equipment (kitchen gallery equiped, ustensils...), towels and linen for all passengers, a boat handling demo, technical support, on-board cruising information & locks fee (except in Ireland where locks fee should be paid locally in supplement).

    Extras, fuel, moorings fees, water/fuel refill, travel to the base are NOT included in the boat price.

  • Are towels and linen included ?

    Yes, Le Boat provide towels & linen on all boats depending on the number of people sharing

  • What should I bring with me ?

    We recommend that you take some form of non-slip footwear such as boat shoes, a pair of gloves, and also that you bring small travel suitcases as these will be easier to store on the boat.

    You can bring food with you if you wish, although most bases have a supermarket close by, easily accessible by car. Or you can order provisions in advance to your vacation thanks to our grocery packs.

  • How much does the fuel cost ?

    Similar to hiring a car, your boat is supplied with a full tank of diesel and you pay for the fuel you use (normally, you won't need to refuel en-route).

    Running Cost includes: a cost for fuel and engine wear & tear. It is calculated on ‘per hour’ basis (except in Scotland where it’s ‘per liter’ basis). Price shown is per engine hour used and varies depending on boat & region. Fuel is payable locally in local currency at the end of the holiday.

    **Please note, fuel is an additional cost that you pay in local currency. Because of this, the cost is subject to change.

    Before departure, you will be required to leave a fuel deposit towards the cost of the fuel for your cruise. At the end of the vacation you will either be refunded the excess or be asked to pay any additional costs as required. Fuel deposit tariffs are based on your boat's engine size.

Experience & Instruction

  • Do I require a licence or permit ?

    A driving licence is not required for your Boating Vacation on nearly all our destinations/cruises. After your instruction lesson you will be given a temporary permit for the duration of your vacation. In Germany, a permit is required in some areas. Check the cruise details or contact us for more information.

  • Do I need any experience of driving a boat ?

    Absolutely not. You don't need to have any boating experience in order to enjoy one of our vacations. When you arrive at the base, you will be given an in-depth briefing on every aspect of your boat - from which knots to use to how the oven works. A staff member will take you out for an hour or so and go through all the controls with you until you are confident to enjoy the boat for the duration of your vacation.

  • How old do I need to be to drive the boat ?

    In order to drive the boat there is a minimum age limit of 18 in the UK & Europe & 21 in Ireland. A minimum of 2 adults is required on board.

  • What are in the cruising documentation provided ?

    Once you will have confirmed your booking, you will receive a map of your area. On the already booked section of the website you will find cruising & manoeuvering videos and useful information. Once you board your boat you will find a detailled map or waterways guide which is provided for the duration of your cruise. You can order a waterways guide in advance directly from our partners. Check the already booked section for more details.


  • When & how can I book ?

    You can book your Le Boat vacation at any time either by booking online (secured payment) or by phoning our experienced sales team on 0844 463 3594.

  • Can I take my dogs on holiday ?

    Yes of course you can, there will be an additional cost of $55 (USD) per dog. We recommend that you don't take any more than 2 dogs per boat.

About your boat

  • What is the minimum & maximum occupancy ?

    There must be at least two adults (over the age of 18) aboard in order to navigate the locks etc... safely. The maximum occupancy is defined by the boat you are cruising, Le Boat have boats to suit parties from 2 - 12 people. For more information on specific boats, visit our boats section.

  • What are the features & equipments of the boat ?

    All our boats are fully equiped for a comfortable life on board. Grill, over, fridge are available on all of our models....

    Some boats have additional features & quipments such as microwave or safety box. Check the features & specifics on the boat model page

  • Should I refill the fuel & water ?

    Yes & no.

    Fuel : Your boat is provided with a full fuel tank which is covering 8-10 days of cruise. A fuel deposit is required at the start of your cruise & the balance with your real consumption will be made at your arrival.

    Water : The water tank is covering 2-3 days of normal use (shower, cleaning, drinking). You will have to refill in water by stopping at the marinas along the canal/river. This service is often charge by the marina (few euros)

  • Is there electricity & internet on board ?

    All boats are equipped with a 12 volt cigarette lighter (the same as a car) which can be used to plug in your adapter lead for a mobile phone or any other low power equipment with the appropriate connection.

    Some of our boats do have both but some don't. Exact details can be found under the boat's specifics.

    None of our boat has Internet connexion but if you are cruising in France, you could rent a WIFI device for the duration of your cruise.

Assistance & Safety

  • What happens if the boat breaks down ?

    In case of an emergency, you will be able to contact one of the base team on opening hours and we will respond immediately. In the unlikely event that you have a problem with your boat, we will do our best to send an engineer to you within four hours of your call. If your boat is considered to be unusable for more than half a day you will be offered compensation based on the daily rent fee. Please see full details of our pledge in our terms and conditions.

  • Are life jackets provided ?

    Life jackets are supplied and safety rings are attached to every boat. We also recommend children to wear their lifejackets while cruising.


  • How easy is it to navigate ?

    The quiet waterways are extremely calm and easy to navigate with only small sections affected by tidal changes. The currents and water level are regulated by sluices which are either operated automatically or by the lockkeepers We have also ranged our cruises by pace level". The "Easy cruises" are on peacefull waterways and only have few locks and relatively few cruising hours per day.

  • How many hours should I cruise each day ?

    Generally cruising 4-5 hours a day will ensure you see a lot of the region as well as keep the boat's batteries well charged. However, there's no need to set yourself rigid targets – cruise as the mood takes you and explore the countryside and see the sights at your leisure.

  • What speed should I cruise at ?

    A cruising vacation is meant to be a relaxing one, with 6-7 km/hr being the recommended maximum speed. This means you can enjoy your surroundings at a leisurely pace and, more importantly, not cause any damage to the natural habitats at the water's edge.

  • When can I navigate ? (Period / Night)

    Our Boating Vacations period depends on waterways opening. Most of waterways are generally opened from Mid/End March to End-October / Early November.

    Generally locks are opened from 9 to 18, which is also the cruising period of the day. Cruising during the night is not allowed.

  • Where can I cruise ?

    We have compiled a list of suggested cruises in both our brochure and on our website, but as long as you return your boat to your chosen base on time, you are free to explore wherever you like. So if you find a town you like then you are free to stay there for a night and explore it further the next day. Obviously our boats are designed for inland waterways only and therefore aren't allowed to venture into the open sea.

  • Are there any navigation restrictions? (Locks, Bridges, Floods)

    Locks are opened most of the day but are often closed for lunch or during some bank vacations.

    In Ireland, some boats can't cruise on the Laugh Allen. Please check boats/cruise details or ask our team about these restrictions.

    In case of floods, navigation will be stopped. Our sales or base team will contact you as soon as the authorities give us the information. Contact us for more details.

    Information about Beaucaire Base:
    We are currently unable to offer cruises to and from our base in Beaucaire. You can still cruise in this area by cruising from and to our bases in Saint-Gilles and Port Cassafieres.


  • What time can I collect and return the boat?

    Normal collection time is between 4pm and 5pm and return time is by 9am on the final day.

    We recommend you to arrive at the base between 2pm & 3pm to get the briefing & instructions. If you want to cruise few hours more on your departure and/or end day, you could book an Early Checkin and/or Late check out.

  • What languages are spoken at the bases ?

    There is at least one English speaking colleague at all of our departure bases, so as soon as you arrive at your departure base, you'll be enjoying your vacation in no time!

  • What type of car parking is available ?

    Most of our bases have open-air locked parking facilities and/or garage in supplement.

  • How do I get to the base ? Can transfers be arranged ? (Oneway / Airport / Train)

    The Useful information of the Region & of the Cruise highlights the main travel information to our bases. Full travel direction to your departure base could be found under the section Before you go" by selecting your departure base.

    In Ireland, we can arrange private transfers from/to main airports in advance – please ask your sales team for more details.

    For all other destinations, you can arrange taxi transfer between our bases and your airport or train station. Our base info documentation on our Plan your travel section will provide to you contact details & rates of local taxis.

    If you are doing a oneway cruise, we can transfer your car from the start base to the end base so that it is waiting for you when you return. We could also arrange a taxi transfer between your end/departure base.

  • Can we pre-order groceries ?

    You can order limited groceries in advance and they will be delivered to your boat on your departure day. You will need to download the provisioning list and send it back to the base at least two weeks prior to departure – click here and choose your base.