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PlaneFlight chaos putting you off booking abroad? DON'T WORRY...

For ALL new bookings made on or after 20th July 2022 - departing in 2022:

  • If you have booked a flight with an airline, as part of your travel arrangements to get to and from your Le Boat base, and it is canceled and the airline is unable to offer an alternative flight for the same day, you may cancel your vacation right up to the day of your departure and we'll give you a credit note or a full cash refund, for the full value if your Le Boat booking. 
  • If the airline is able to rebook you onto a flight arriving on a subsequent day - you may choose to continue with the remainder of your vacation (subject to operational constraints) and we'll refund the unused portion of your Le Boat booking. We might also be able to extend your trip to that you can enjoy the same duration as originally booked - but this is subject to availability and operational constraints. This can be discussed with our Sales Team when you call.


1. Flights that you choose to book or pay for as part of your travel arrangements to and from or our bases are not part of your vacation provided by us. However, we understand the current uncertainty around that flight travel and would like to offer you some additional flexibility as per the terms of this policy.

2. Proof of cancellation and alternatives offered will be required to support any claim under our Flight Cancellation Protection policy.

3. Refunds will be limited to the value of your Le Boat booking and will not cover any other expenses you have paid to third parties.

4. Refunds for unused portions of your holiday will be calculated on a pro-rata basis based on full unused days only.

5. Our daily 'arrival from' times, remain the same, regardless of which day you arrive at base. For early check-ins (if pre-booked) you should arrive from 11am. For standard check-ins you should arrive FROM 2pm. You won’t be able to leave the dockside straight away. In fact most customers will be unable to leave until early evening or, in some cases, the following morning, but we’ll get you set up and ready to go as soon as possible.

5. In accordance with our booking terms and conditions, if your balance is not paid in time, we shall cancel your booking and will retain your deposit and any other relevant charges. You then will not be eligible for any subsequent reimbursement under our Flight Cancellation Protection. Your balance due date will be clearly shown on your booking confirmation.


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