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Vision 3

Reviews for the Vision 3

Everything was great:The LeBoat staff, the boat, the route, the weather, the food, the wine - all great!
Roomy, comfortable, easy to drive, easy to manuever for such a big boat.
We traveled a long way to boat through the south of France and our experience before, during and after was exceptional.
Our boat was is mint condition and had every amenity. Thank you Le Boat for making our dream vacation a reality.
All good staff were reliable efficient and pleasant
Plenty of room 3 full cabins each with a full stand up showerAs it rained a lot in Ireland we were inside a good deal cooking etc and steering the Vision 3 was fabulous heater and all.
A wonderful week with Le Boat and le family! Highly recommended.
Great boat and easy to handle.
Very helpful and communication was easy.
Good room for 6 passengers and lots of facilities. Size can be daunting to handle in tight situations but size means lots of comfortable internal and external space too.