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Royal Mystique B

Royal Mystique B is a variation of our Royal Mystique A. As comfortable and easy to handle, it has the same design & arrangements and similar features. It can supply air conditioning when plugged into shore power.

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Reviews for the Royal Mystique B

We were very disappointed. We were not informed of Bastille Day and everything was closed. But the worst was that so many of the towns and villages along the way were almost vacant. Maybe it is due to the economy, but there were very few markets or restaurants along the way. Also, there was no water or electrical hook ups in many of the places that were supposed to have them. So much for the cruising guide. I would suggest you have someone on your staff take that cruise now so you can understand. There were very little provisions in the little market at Chatel Censoir and since the next day was Bastille Day all shops were closed. Good thing we had cheese and crackers! You should inform your clients about the lack of food and supplies along that cruise. Very, very disappointing...we turned the boat in 1 day early.
The boat was great!!!! Except the microwave wasn't working...
Outstanding - admittedly we were unlucky with the weather, but the whole experience was terrific fun. The boat was very new and comfortable and everywhere we went was quite charming and extremely welcoming. Great food as well. And best of all our dogs had a wonderful time!!
As I said above, the boat was absolutely first class.
2 couples. Enjoyed our boating holiday. Loved all the sights, restaurants, shopping and people
Boat was very comfortable in layout. 2 Complaints: Bed linen and no bimmei for sun protection. Bed linen was terrible. Linen didn't fit the double bed correctly given only large single sheets, this made sleeping uncomfortable and very disappointing. Maybe staff need to make up the beds in the first instance so they can see whether the beds are made up comfortably. The winter duvet was far too hot and a summer duvet would have been appreciated. Pillows were lumpy and very much needed replacing. We did not have a bimmei to shade us from the hot sun and this made cruising not as comfortable. No ropes were supplied to tie down the umbrella on windy days as the base did not hold it securely when windy. Had the boat had more cleaning gear we could have kept the boat even cleaner that we did, especially the deck.
Arrived at base on Sat morning to be greeted by Sebastian. Boat ready and we were soon on our way. Great idea to be able to hire a internet "dongle" for the boat. Unfortuantely it failed on several occasions during the trip. As this was the first time in this region, would have been a great benefit to have uptodate information regarding restaurants/shops etc . You should have a area on your web page were users can leave relevent information regarding each area. Your boat information is well out of date.
Perfect accept for the showers. Very poor pressure compared with most of the other boats that we have hired. Best thing about the new boat was the cockpit "Bimini", just the job. Have to say that being new there was also a few bits missing that would have been very useful - Tray for the kitichen. Hooks in the bathrooms for towels. Couple of stools for the upper deck as you can only reach the table from the starboard seating.