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Reviews for the Nautilia

Wonderful experience, great price, helpful staff, well-appointed boat, easy check-in and check-out.
Comfortable boat, well-appointed, and nice lay-out.
best holiday i have ever had. whole process from search to booking to arrival and instruction was so relaxed and easy
there were only 6 of us on the boat with room for a possible 10 but we thought it was ideal size. as beginners we were a little daunted by how big it was but got the hang of it in no time
We were a family group of 14, Grandparents, Children and grandchildren. One week in a Tuscan villa, 3 days in Venice, one week on Little Midi Cruise, 3 days in Paris and 3 days in Rome. The stay in Tuscany and the visits in the vicinity was one of our highlights, and the boat cruise was the most memorable experience
We had a Classique and a Nautilia. The boats were very similar, the Classique apparently being the newer version. They were both in top condition, well serviced and no problems whatsoever. It took some getting used to the 2 small rooms in the stern, but the bow rooms were comfortable and sleeping under the stars was a treat We did ask for a lantern, and I believe paid for it, but we never got it. It was awkward having to braai (barbeque) in the dark. Everything else was just right.
Wonderful family time and beautiful scenery.
It was wonderful! Very spacious and everything that we needed was there.
[Don't know if it was Crusader or Sunshine cruise.] This was the most relaxing holiday I have had in my life. I took my best friend and also hired mountain bikes for the week and we both chilled out. We were male and female but not a couple. This was my first holiday in 9 years and has filled up my batteries for a long time. Handling the boat was wonderful, I quickly got the hang of it - I like machines, driving and motorcycles etc. Weather was sometimes not that warm but I love France and love water... put the two together and hey presto. I spoke quite a bit of French too and I love the French as a people; no fuss, no nonesense, real, practical people.
Oh goodness... so much space, we had 2 rooms each, one for sleeping and one for getting changed etc. Shower and bathroom each too. I loved it. I wanted a clipper but by the time I booked the holiday, I'd missed them for that trip so went for this one; it was brilliant! 40' by 15' and great fun getting it under bridges with just 6" clear on either side AND having to duck!!!