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Corvette B

Reviews for the Corvette B

It was perfect. More than we needed, since it was only the two of us, but we could just spread out more.
The boat was not very clean when we started our week's holiday. Also there was a leak above the bed in the forward cabin which drenched my wife in the middle of the night. Otherwise very enjoyable.
It was very hard to get questions to basic information. The paperwork seemed to ask the same questions on multiple forms. Once we arrived, they asked us to fill out the information again.The information on the transportation from Dublin is very misleading and we feel we were required to pay a higher price. It would also be better if they provided some of the information that was given to us during the orientation. It would have helped us plan ahead.We would do this trip again but with the knowledge we know how compare the other two companies before making a decision.The three bikes we rented were worthless. One had a flat tire and the other had a broken chain. They refunded two after inspecting them. We had to fight to get a refund on the third because they said it worked. It was a lot of back and forth to explain that how could we use just one bike when there were three of us. They finally refunded the third bike. If you rent bikes from them, make sure you take them on a god test drive before leaving the dock.Have them prove the emergency phone works before you leave also. The one they gave us was not charged. Once we charged it, we never could get it to work. We had our own cell phones with n international package on them, so we were not concerned.Do not bother renting the lamps. We never used it. They say the cushion are a four pack but there is only enough cushions for two. If you have four people traveling, you need to order two of the cushion sets.
The boat was well used but in good order. If we were to rent from Le Boat again, we would rent this model again.
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The Le Boat Team
Dennis, thank you for your feedback and taking the time to post your comments. We are very sorry to read that you experienced some problems during your cruise. We are happy you are thinking about doing this trip again and hope to welcome you back onboard with Le Boat soon.
We had a great adventure and met wonderful people on the way. There were very heavy rains and there first morning the boater in front of us woke us to say the river was over the dock so we started engines, cast off and were underway sooner than planned. After that we stayed at floating docks and no problem with high water levels. The boaters we shared docks with after that were English and Canadian which we found a little unusual in France. Despite the fact that we experienced strong winds that hit the coast and the UK as well we never felt that we were in any danger on the rivers and we have boated for 10 years on the Great Lakes in North America and are familiar with strong winds. The boat handled very well and the locks were enjoyable and not a thing to be feared.
The interior of the boat and its facilities where excellent. The outside of the boat could use a little work but it was the end of the season and these boats take a beating from inexperienced users. Given that fact it was very good.
It was a very good holiday
It was very good but not as manoeuvrable as we expected