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Classique Star

Reviews for the Classique Star

check in and check out was really slow and frustrating because there was only one woman at reception but a lot of people.
great boat, really liked all the features and how spacious it was. I think we chose well.
It was our second time barging and this one was even better than the one before in 2008. The route in particular were more scenic and the abundance of towns with wineries suited us very well. The boat was very comfortable...Classic Star, with ample deck space for al fresco dining.
Great boat but the only little niggle was that only wine glasses were supplied on the boat.
I don't know what the name of the cruise refers to we just hired a boat from Benson for a weeks cruise on the Thames. We were very lucky with the weather and found the sights and sounds of the Thames fascinating with new vistas opening up all the time. We easily got used to the boat's wheel steering and the inside and outside steering positions came in useful for our small bit of rain. The view from the top deck when steering was great, traffic was light and we had no problems with the locks and weirs and the lock keepers were all very friendly. Working the locks on our own was fine too.
The boat was well equipped, warm, showers and toilets worked and we only needed to top up with water once. Diesel easily lasted the week, had some minor issues with the low water alarm going off but no real problems of any kind. Adequate ropes for mooring and the boat's door locks looked reasonably secure. On my copy of the review it says how would you rate the null? did you mean Hull, I put excellent!
we started in a heavy rain shower which cleared up and the rest of the 5r days were good sailing weather
boat was of excellent quality, well maintained easy to drive and trustworthy
We traveled with our entire family (13) ages 5 through 72 for one week on two boats. It was an experience of a lifetime for the children and grandchildren to be an active part of this journey. We generally traveled for about 4-5 hours each day, and then enjoyed the towns where we moored for the night. The bike rentals were a great addition as they were always in use. We found the accommodations to be clean and strategically located where ever we stopped. The maps were a great help and the scenery was outstanding. No problem at all with the language anywhere. We enjoyed visiting the local stores ( bakery, grocery and outside cafe's). The Boats contained all that we needed and we never had to worry about refueling or adding water. It was an outstanding vacation for all of us!
Excellent! There was plenty of room for all and places to relax indoor and outside. Our weather was perfect, se we were outside all of the time. All the conveniences of home were on board. We ate breakfast on board, made sandwiches for lunch and ate dinner in a local town. It was the best ! The boats were very easy to handle. Most of the work was done by our sons and their sons. Grandpa and Grandma went along for the ride ( and paid the bills)