Top travel books that will inspire you

Pick Up A Good Book & Imagine A New Adventure

We all share a love and passion for travel, and while that's currently on pause, there's no reason we can't  grab a book and be transported to a new world or read about all the new places you someday wish to visit.

The Le Boat team has put together a great list of  travel  books that are page-turners and may be a good addition to your reading list.  Most books can be ordered online from your local book store for home delivery, downloaded to your tablet, or why not try listening to it as an audio book.




Medium Raw, A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook 


This book by Antony Bourdain became an instant New York Times best seller & is a  follow-up to his blockbuster classic on cooking life, Kitchen Confidential. 

There’s a special place in every traveler’s heart for Anthony Bourdain. Travel writer Megan Drillinger states “Tony comes to us in this book a little older, a little more worn, and above all, wiser and apologetic for his staunch stances of the past. The years on the road have softened his soul in this memoir,” she said. “Travel changed Anthony Bourdain."

The Little Paris Bookshop, by Nina George  


The Little Paris Bookshop is a love letter to book lovers. The main character, Monsieur Perdu calls himself a literary apothecary and from his floating bookstore in a barge on the Seine,  he prescribes novels for the hardships of life. Using his intuitive feel for the exact book a reader needs, Perdu mends broken hearts and souls.

This New York Times best seller published by Penquin Random House comes highly  recommended by Bronwen, our  Receptionist at the Rideau Canal base in Ontario, Canada. 

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The Yellow Envelope, by Kim Dinan


Kim Dinan is a freelance writer and blogger whose travel blog, "So Many Places" receives over 200,000 unique visitors per year. Her writing has appeared in Backpacker Magazine and Northwest Travel Magazine, among others. 

After Kim and her husband decide to quit their jobs to travel around the world, they are given a yellow envelope containing a check and instructions to give the money away.

The only three rules for the envelope: Don't overthink it; share your experiences; don't feel pressured to give it all away.

Three Men in a Boat, by Jerome K. Jerome


Three Men in a Boat published in 1889, is a humorous account by English writer Jerome K. Jerome.

This witty rambling of a two-week boating holiday on the Thames from Kingston upon Thames to Oxford and back to Kingston may be the funniest you will ever ready. The book was initially intended to be travel guide, with accounts of local history along the route, but the humorous elements took over to the point where the serious and somewhat sentimental passages seem a distraction to the comic novel. 

Take a Book-Leave a Book & Share Your Top Travel Reads

When you arive for a river cruise on the Rideau Canal in Ontario Canada, you'll find a FREE LITTLE LIBRARY right at the base. So if you visit our base on the UNESCO World Heritage waterway, bring an old book for your fellow boaters and take a few new ones to enjoy yourself.     

If you want a longer list of great travel reads & complete list of all the classics,  Conde Nast has put together their list of 87 Greatest Travel Books of all time!  

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