Our Top 10 Resolutions for 2021

What our New Year Resolutions Look Like for 2021

As the world cautiously steps into a new year, we can't help but dream of all the new possibilities 2021 will bring. We are looking forward with several resolutions that we'll share through January.

Resolution 1 - Travel AgainResolution 1 - Travel Again

It has been a tough year for both travelers and the travel industry. We cannot wait for the opportunity to travel again. France, England, Italy … we have so many amazing destinations we want to see and experience.

In the meantime, we hope to get out on our staycations. We have already discovered so much about our own regions that we might never have taken the time to enjoy in other years.

Whatever 2021 brings, we will spend some time traveling again.

Resolution 2 - Quality Time with Family and FriendsResolution 2 - Quality Time with Family and Friends

Making memories with friends and family to share for a lifetime.  

Not only are we looking forward to getting out of the house and doing new things with those in our immediate bubble, but boy are we looking forward to spending some quality time with our wider circles of friends and family again!

Houseboating adventures are amazing way to share experiences, grow closer together and create life-long memories.

Resolution 3 - Get Back to NatureResolution 3 - Get Back to Nature

Experts agree that spending time in nature can offer us significant health benefits - including lowering stress hormone levels & blood pressure. This year, it’s important to find calming environments. For 2021 we resolve to take more time to refresh ourselves in nature.

Here are seven destinations that are perfect for reconnecting with nature.

Resolution 4 - Go Wine Tasting

Resolution 4 - Go Wine Tasting

You do not have to be a wine expert to enjoy a wine tasting experience. 

You can drink wines of the most prestigious wine makers of France and Italy or even sample wines from small craft wineries, like those in Canada. Combined with fine foods of the region, it is pure delight. 

We resolve in 2021 to find more simple pleasures like wine tasting. 

Find here, our most popular destinations to enjoy fine wine.

Resolution 5 - Learn a New SkillResolution 5 - Learn a New Skill

Learning new skills is good for the brain.

Taking the time to learn something new not only offers a sense of accomplishment, but studies have shown that it can actually rewire our brains: stimulating neurons, building myelin (white matter) and possibly eventually staving off dementia as we age.*


Whether it is learning to fish, handle ropes through the locks of a canal, kayak, or even learn to drive and navigate a luxury houseboat, we intend to build our skills and our brains in 2021.

Resolution 6 - Less Screen Time More Fun TimeResolution 6 - Less Screen Time More Fun Time

We resolve to put down the devices more, do less scrolling, and do more living in the moment.

When it comes to personal development, few would dispute that being present and living mindfully is beneficial for improving our state of mind, enhancing our relationships, and increasing our productivity. 

While we cannot eliminate our electronics completely, this year we plan to put down our phones more often and replace that time with more fun and adventure! 


Resolution 7 - Find More SerenityResolution 7 - Find More Serenity

Look For Peaceful Moments

If you’re like most people, 2020 was a tough year. The pandemic has affected all of us in many ways.

Beautiful, peaceful spaces and views bring a sense of calm and serenity to an otherwise stressful world. This year, why don’t create some distance from the fast pace and find the places that bring us peace. 


Resolution 8 - Shop localResolution 8 - Support Local

One positive trend that came out of 2020 was the reinvigorated movement to shop locally. In response to the economic challenges faced by small local businesses because of the Covid-19 pandemic safety restrictions, people gained an even sharper awareness of the importance of local businesses.

This year we resolve to continue to shop locally, eat locally and cruise locally more than ever. 

From homemade icecream, to sweet gift shops to craft fine dining – there’s plenty to find along the route on the Rideau Canal in Ontario, Canada.   Including over 15 local craft breweries. You can read about them here


Relax and Unwind


Resolution 9 - Relax & Unwind

Before this year, many of us had forgotten how to truly relax and unwind.  And now it is even more difficult in today’s social environment. Where home used to be a sanctuary to get away from the world, it has come to be the opposite – a place where we are much of the time and where there is always a chore to do or a meal to plan. This makes it more important than ever to schedule dedicated time to slow down, unplug, and unwind.


Getting away from home to relax and unwind is definitely a 2021 priority.

Take the Plunge – Spend more time near and on the water

Have you ever wondered why being on or near the water is so appealing, or why people often spend valuable vacation days on a boat or near a beach, lake, river, or ocean? 


Our fascination and attraction to water is not unfounded. Humans are inherently attracted to the water, for the better. Being on or near the water can give humans a sensory break that can induce an almost meditative state which is highly calming and relaxing.


This year we will drink in that water calm as often as we can. Are you ready to take the plunge? Book your own 2021 private houseboat vacation on the water: www.leboat.ca