10 Reasons to Choose a Houseboat Holiday over a Road Trip

Planning a summer holiday trip with your family? You might want to rethink the typical road trip this year and try a houseboat holiday instead! A Le Boat luxury houseboat holiday on the Rideau Canal in Ontario, Canada is a great way to relax and reconnect with family. Here are ten reasons why we think you would agree.


Horizon Salon

1. No need to unpack/repack

When you are houseboating the destination is wherever you are! No need to check in and out of hotels when you are travelling in luxury! 


2. Eat your meals on board, no truck stops

No more fast-food truck stops. Eat home-cooked, quality meals on a houseboat! The full kitchen/galley on your Horizon boat includes an oven, stove, electric refrigerator, microwave, and high-quality equipment and utensils. The sundeck is even equipped with a BBQ hot plate for grilling!


kayaks on the Rideau Canal


3. No “Are we there yets?” 

You can focus more on the journey rather than the destination. When you are on a houseboat just getting there is most of the fun! On our boats you can add-on kayaks, paddle board and bikes. Why not take a little longer to get where you are going to experience fun on the water? Or stop along the way and bike around a small town!





Horizon pets

4. Dog Friendly

Tired of fitting everyone and the dog into a car? Houseboats holidays are dog-friendly! No more anxious car rides for your furry friend. Instead let them stretch out on the deck and get lots of fresh air.   

Horizon 1 - forward cabin5. Sleep in luxury

Avoid sleeping at a roadside motel or ‘glamping’ at a busy campground. Our luxury Horizon Fleet boats have between 1-5 cabins for peaceful nights on the water! 






Horizon 4 cabins and bathrooms

6. Never have to stop to use the washroom

Why road trip and stop to use the washroom when you can houseboat with full amenities? You do not have to freshen up at a gas station because our Horizon fleet boats have a washroom & private per cabin with separate shower cubicle!  

Horizon Sun Deck


7. There’s always a waterfront view

You do not have to ask for a waterfront view when you are on the water!  Every angle from a houseboat is picturesque. 


8. Stretch your legs anytime 

No need to get out of a car every hour to stretch your legs. When you are houseboating you can stretch out on the sun deck, lounge on our comfy sunbeds or enjoy one of the many hiking trails along the canal.     


9. Explore off the beaten track & no rush hour traffic! 

Horizon Jumping Stop driving the same old roads and explore a new path on our inland waterways. Avoid the same high-traffic areas and get off the boat in new places you have never been before! Enjoy stunning views from the top deck and cruise on wide open waterways, winding rivers as you travel to your stop on the canal and no rush hour traffic or traffic jams to contend with.     

10. Make more memories 

Finally, when you choose a houseboat holiday you can spend more time together and having fun rather than stuck in your seat. Have a meal together, play a board game, go for a swim and enjoy pristine nature, summer breezes all around you! Try doing that while you are driving.